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Contemporary Garden Buildings

UK Garden Room take great pride in creating contemporary garden buildings, designed to suit your needs perfectly and look great. Available with a wide range of features, materials and finishes including external finish, internal flooring and lighting.

Whether you need security lighting for your contemporary garden buildings or just to feature your deck, we have a solution to suit.

contemporary garden buildings

Internet and WiFi Connectivity

UK Garden Room can ensure you are never without internet connectivity by providing reliable internet access, WiFi or even satellite TV connectivity from your garden room. Regardless of whether you are setting up a garden office, or want some private space, a TV in your garden gym or creating an individual living space, UK Garden Room can provide all the connection you need.

Need Sound

Want to create your perfect garden music room or a sound proof recording studio we can provide various levels of acoustic enhancements to ensure your garden building is fit for the purpose you need it for.


An attractive feature of a garden room from UK Garden Room is the is the transition between the inside living space and outside living spaces. Enjoy the summer months, without too much effort with a choice of sliding and bi-folding doors allowing you to open up and make your contemporary garden buildings part of the garden. In the winter months, they will provide you with lots of heat retaining insulation and lots of natural light.

Enviromental control

To ensure your garden buiding is cost effective it should provide a useable and comfortable environment for all year-round use. UK Garden Room use materials that will help your garden room retain heat in winter and be cool in the summer months. UK Garden Room offers both heating and cooling systems for all budgets.

Window Covers

You can choose from our stylish range of venetian or integrated window blinds to add the perfect finishing touch to your garden room. Window coverings providing protection from the UV rays during the daytime and an inviting atmosphere at night.