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High Specification Garden Office

A garden office is a high specification garden building, sited in the garden away from the distractions of the main house. They create a comfortable, secure and professional workspace suitable for a wide range of occupations.

Garden Office

With modern communication systems you can connect to anywhere in the world from your own garden office, this allows you to combine a work life balance whilst removing the daily commute. There are significant cash benefits too from working from home, no more office rent, saving on fuel to mention just a few.

A garden office is not only suitable for remote office workers, in fact more than 50% of business and 4.2 million people work from home. Garden office’s have many benefits as the premises for a small business as they can often be offset against tax, and if you are VAT registered you may be able to reclaim the VAT on the purchase price.


Can I have more than one room? The simple answer is yes, however if you are adding a toilet or kitchen and connecting to the main sewer and water system, you will require building regulation inspection. You may also require planning permission so check with your supplier first.We will help design your solution for you, we provide help and advice with planning regulations. We design your building to comply with local planning regulations.

A correctly designed garden building offers many options especially for a growing business as it offers room to expand. If you think you will be employing staff in the future then adding a toilet and washroom means staff don’t have to use the facilities in your house, which creates a clear distinction between the work place and home space.

The flexibility of extra rooms and facilities like toilets opens up the concept of garden office space to occupations such as personal trainers, recruitment agencies, web designers, solicitors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists and beauty therapists. With separate waiting and treatment spaces you could easily set up a professional clinic environment.

Garden Office

Many people fear that a garden office is like a summerhouse only to be used in warmer months. But this is not the case as most garden offices have A-rated insulation and come complete with heating and some cases cooling systems which make them comfortable all year round.

Whilst often referred to as ‘posh sheds’ or ‘cabins’ this couldn’t be further from the truth, they are actually built to the same building reglations as houses, using the same materials and building techniques.

Because you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer, we will design your garden office precisely to your requirements often offering advice on furniture layout and procurement.